Josh S. Cutler Representative

D Duxbury
Josh S. Cutler


State House
Room 39
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2014
Fax: 617-626-0325
District Office
235 Washington Street
Pembroke, MA 02359
Bill Docket Bill Title
SD50 For legislation to establish funding to provide moneys for postclosure activities at nuclear power stations
HD111 Relative to further regulating telecommunications systems contractors and technicians
HD143 Relative to the registration of sex offenders moving into the Commonwealth from another state
SD148 For legislation to establish the adopt a senior program
HD159 Relative to increasing the fine for harming police dogs or horses
HD161 For legislation to prohibit smoking in motor vehicles if young children are in the vehicle
HD188 Relative to the false representation of military status
SD197 For legislation to ensure affordable housing in perpetuity.
SD206 For legislation to grant property tax relief to seniors
HD219 Relative to rental property and medical marijuana
HD226 for legislation to allow non-profits and charities to purchase alcohol from retail package stores for use at charitable events
SD236 For legislation to expedite appeals of wage violations
SD255 For legislation relative to horse riding instructor’s licenses.
HD309 To provide an income tax credit for the purchase of hearing aids
HD310 Relative to the accessibility of hearing aids
HD312 For legislation to provide legal services to small business property owners
HD314 Relative to the disposition of the personal property of tenants in actions for possession of land or tenements
SD317 For legislation to promote the planning and development of sustainable communities
HD331 Relative to providing hearing aid coverage for persons with profound hearing loss
HD343 Relative to insurance coverage for pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections and pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome
HD347 Relative to the posting of security for seized animals in cruelty cases
HD357 Relative to data derived from technology used for toll collections
HD369 An Act establishing the genetic engineering transparency food and seed labeling act
HD374 For legislation provide health benefit plan coverage for hearing aids
HD386 For legislation to further regulate the right to strike of public employees
HD389 For legislation to establish a double pole advisory council to recommend rules and regulations to reduce the use of double utility poles
SD409 For legislation relative to the observance of a Gold Star Wives Day and a Gold Star Mothers and Families Day
HD414 For legislation to further regulate the performing of abortions and protecting women’s reproductive health
HD424 For the annual issuance of a proclamation by the Governor designating the last day of February as Rare Disease Day
HD429 For legislation to increase transparency and trust in charitable solicitations
HD448 Relative to the sales tax on mobile telecommunications devices purchased with a service contract
HD469 Relative to Lyme disease treatment health insurance coverage
HD496 For legislation to provide for the establishment of a comprehensive adaptation management plan in response to climate change
HD497 Relative to the care of animals in cities and towns
HD498 Exempting agencies of the Commonwealth and cities and towns from payment of the tax imposed on the sale of gasoline
HD501 Relative to expands health insurance coverage for certain acupuncture services, diagnosis and treatment and establishing a commission to investigate the potential for better integrated use of acupuncture services
HD520 Relative to a sales tax exemption for the sale of used books and other items sold by libraries for fundraising purposes
HD528 Relative to uniformity in supplemental real estate taxes
HD538 Relative to providing municipal notices to the public of hazardous waste sites
HD556 Relative to joint and last survivor allowances paid under the contributory retirement system
HD583 For legislation to regulate real estate appraisal management companies
HD584 For legislation to creates incentives to help promote the adoption of electric vehicles
HD591 Relative to carrying a firearm while on a recreational vehicle
HD595 Relative to common summary of payments forms for health care services
HD613 Relative to angel investor tax credits
SD633 For legislation relative to home energy efficiency.
SD648 For legislation relative to ivory and rhino horn trafficking.
SD664 For legislation to establish the special commission on local and regional public health.
HD664 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) on institutional long term care
HD665 For legislation to establish a citizens' initiative review commission to review initiative or referendum petitions to be voted on at general elections
HD668 Relative to the sales tax on mobile telecommunications devices purchased with a service contract
HD678 Relative to the maximum number of patients assigned to a registered nurses or hospital care attendants
HD680 For an the establishment of a special commission (including members of the General Court) on local and regional public health
HD681 That persons diagnosed with familial dysautonomia disorder receive certain services from the Department of Developmental Services
HD682 Relative to liability for the medical costs incurred by public health volunteer responders
HD687 For legislation to benefit the Health Safety Net Trust Fund
HD710 For legislation to establish a legislative budget office
HD739 Relative to establishing a lottery process in selecting buyers and/or renters for low and moderate income housing units
HD746 Relative to access to generic medications and pharmacy reimbursements for the cost of drugs, medical products or devices
HD763 Relative to health clubs and the use and deployment of defibrillators
SD765 For legislation relative to the compostion of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
HD816 Relative to requiring choking training in all restaurants
HD857 Relative to the implementation of strategies for reducing solid waste and increasing recycling in the Commonwealth
HD858 Relative to clarifying property tax exemptions for solar and wind systems
HD868 For legislation to promote municipal collaboration and regionalization throughout the Commonwealth
SD902 For legislation to protect abandoned animals in vacant properties.
SD919 For legislation to encourage small business growth in the Commonwealth.
SD920 For legislation to prevent unnecessary vacancies in foreclosed homes
HD945 For legislation to establish a rare disease advisory council
SD968 For legislation relative to expungement of criminal or juvenile records for individuals who committed offenses as children or young adults
SD974 For legislation to protect animals during pet sales.
SD982 Relative to the use of certain insurance underwriting guidelines for homeowners with dogs living on such insured property
SD985 For legislation relative to Lyme Disease treatment coverage
HD998 Relative to regional stabilization funds
SD1009 For legislation relative to local impacts of enacted legislation
HD1013 For legislation to provide bonus aid to newly formed regional school districts
HD1017 Relative to the powers and duties of regional school districts
SD1061 For legislation relative to Child-Centered Family Law.
SD1081 For legislation relative to the distribution of raw milk
SD1088 For legislation to improve access to public records.
SD1094 For legislation relative to Huntington's Disease
HD1096 For legislation to exempt regional school transportation funds from the Governor's ability to make reductions due to revenue deficiencies
HD1097 Relative to providing continuing health insurance coverage for surviving children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty
HD1129 Relative to turnaround plans for underperforming schools
SD1131 For legislation to create patient choice and education in the dispensing of opiate drugs.
HD1159 For legislation to authorize the Department of Public Health to make assessments against power plants
HD1169 Relative to the value of land owned by nonprofits
HD1173 Relative to protecting consumers of gas and electricity from paying for leaked and unaccounted for gas
HD1175 Relative to requiring the use of escrow accounts during rent disputes
SD1177 For legislation relative to the health safety net trust fund
HD1188 That the Commissioner of Insurance be directed to make a bi-annual investigation relative to flood insurance rates
HD1190 Relative to the storage and dissemination of certain public records in an electronic format
SD1200 For legislation relative to modernizing tobacco control and protecting the health of minors
HD1225 For legislation to require that assault and battery of a police officer responding to criminal activity be prosecuted as a felony
SD1237 For legislation relative to the sanctity of collective bargaining.
HD1244 Relative to defining a timeframe for users of real estate appraisal services to file a complaint with the Massachusetts Department of Public Licensure
SD1247 For legislation relative to special education funding.
HD1278 For the establishment of a standing commission (including members of the General Court) to review and evaluate all tax expenditures
HD1321 Relative to the use of double utility poles of distribution or telephone companies
HD1327 Relative to the reduction of medication waste
HD1362 Relative to providing prescription drug cost reimbursements to certain retirees
HD1367 For legislation to require owners of rented or foreclosed properties to check for abandoned animals
HD1384 For legislation relative to the calculation of motor vehicle excise taxes
SD1389 An Act establishing the MassMade Program
SD1441 For legislation to stabilize the commonwealth’s nursing facilities.
HD1471 Relative to providing a public education system of sufficient quality
HD1481 For legislation to ensure that students with disabilities have an opportunity to participate in physical education
HD1514 Relative to property tax exemptions
HD1519 For the annual issuance of a proclamation by the Governor setting aside the month of May as the official month of kindness
HD1521 For legislation to establish a penalty for the mistreatment of elephants
HD1526 Relative to requiring child-resistant packaging of nicotine liquid containers
SD1541 For legislation relative to gun safe tax deductions
HD1550 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) on the tax expenditure budget
HD1591 Relative to descendants email access and procedures
HD1598 For legislation to clarify the definition of affordable housing to include mobile homes
HD1607 For legislation to direct the Commissioner of Revenue to annually designate a sales tax holiday
HD1609 For legislation to establish a educational mandate working group
HD1610 For legislation to require businesses offering travel services to provide consumers with health and safety information relative to international destinations
HD1612 Relative to exempting veterans from the standard registration fee for veterans license plates
HD1614 For legislation to impose a moratorium on new mandated education pograms and expenses
HD1624 Relative to the penalties imposed for falsely assuming to be a public official
SD1650 For legislation relative to high volume and high risk prescriptions
SD1652 For legislation relative to deeds excise receipts
HD1674 Relative to providing care and comfort for the terminally ill
HD1684 An Act related to unfunded mandates on public schools
HD1690 For legislation to establish a program within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to eliminate copays and deductibles for certain high-value and low cost prescription drugs and treatments
SD1739 For legislation relative to responsible stewardship by drug manufacturers.
HD1752 For legislation to direct the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency to assess and report on the preparedness plans for a radiological accident at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station and Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant
HD1754 For legislation to authorize the Department of Public Health to enhance radiological air monitoring through an additional assessment to certain power plants
SD1756 For legislation relative to transfer of assets by MassHealth members.
HD1759 For legislation to create the position of poet laureate of the Commonwealth
SD1766 For legislation relative to naming the Plymouth Trial Court in honor of Senate President Therese Murray.
HD1767 For legislation to increase power plant safety preparedness by the Department of Public Health to twenty miles
SD1767 Relative to the establishment of a county stabilization fund.
HD1772 For legislation relative to motorcycle safety with malfunctioning traffic signals not detecting motorcycles
HD1776 For legislation to update penalties and protect electronic privacy
HD1809 For legislation to classify NBOMe as a controlled substance and establishing the penalty of the illegal possession of said substance
HD1833 For legislation to prevent wage theft and promote employer accountability
HD1846 For legislation to regulate sex offender registration in the 21st century
HD1935 For legislation to prevent trafficking in ivory and rhino horns
HD1945 For legislation to allow for the lawful sale of inert ammunition components from certain out of state vendors to lawfully licensed Massachusetts gun owners
HD1950 Relative to the requirements for distinctive registration plates
HD1988 For the adoption of resolutions memorializing the Congress of the United States to convene a Constitutional Convention to consider amendments to the Constitution to limit the influence of money in our political system
HD1995 Relative to rates of compensation payable to counsel
HD2015 For legislation to prohibit the sale to minors of electronic devices used to deliver liquid nicotine vapor
HD2020 An Act relative to the Online Privacy of Minors
HD2028 Relative to property tax assessments for certain common areas and facilities in condominiums
HD2036 For legislation to exempt certain vehicles used exclusively for agricultural purposes from registration requirements
HD2058 relative to the timely filing of application in municipalities with programs of revaluation
HD2070 For legislation to establish a task force to identify and review state laws, regulations, and administrative directives that prescribe requirements for school districts
HD2076 Relative to voting overseas
HD2086 Relative to accountability for certain corporate political activities
HD2106 Relative to public access to the financial statements of candidates for public office and the maintenance of a electronic reporting system statements of financial interests
HD2111 Relative to disclosures by individuals or entities making independent expenditures for electioneering communications
HD2126 Relative to protecting puppies and kittens
HD2137 For legislation to define and further protect vulnerable persons on the roads of the Commonwealth
HD2207 Relative to social media password privacy for school students
HD2230 Relative to certain habitual offenders
HD2233 Relative to the management of low lands and swamps to control of tick-borne illness
HD2235 That cities and towns be authorized to establish community safe school funds
HD2243 For legislation to make the General Court subject to the open meeting law
HD2249 For legislation to implement a boating education program within the Division of Law Enforcement of the Department of Fisheries
HD2251 Relative to increasing penalties for hit and runs with recreational vehicles
HD2257 For legislation to a establish a "second chance" lottery to help address the problem of lottery ticket litter
HD2262 Relative to increasing the fine for "jay walking"
HD2263 That current employee and retiree health care costs shall be included in the calculation of the foundation budget for school districts
HD2267 Relative to the formula for district reimbursement through the special education circuit breaker
HD2269 Relative to establishing an insurance program for municipalities in relation to special education costs
HD2271 Relative to antique boats, automobiles and motorcycles
HD2287 Relative to property tax exemptions for persons over seventy years of age
HD2293 Relative to information included with municipal tax bills
HD2317 Relative to civil rights actions
HD2326 Relative to taxation abatements
HD2361 For legislation to include home heating costs in the calculation of tax credits for senior citizens
HD2368 Relative to access to child and adolescent mental health services
HD2385 Relative to small group health insurance
HD2436 Relative to sexual health education
HD2456 Relative to stabilizing the Commonwealth’s nursing facilities
HD2512 For legislation to establish an animal abuse registry
HD2514 For legislation to establish a senior citizen volunteer property tax reduction
HD2529 For legislation to authorize the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to issue distinctive registration plates for fire fighters
HD2536 For legislation to authorize municipalities to invest in credit unions
HD2537 Establishing a personal finance, civic responsibility and general legal high school social studies curriculum
HD2538 Relative to the taxation of inventory
HD2782 Relative to further regulating health care costs and the dispensing of controlled substances
HD2802 Relative to pay equity
HD2873 Relative to insurance points surcharges
HD2938 An Act providing for a donation check-off box on state tax returns for the Massachusetts Youth in Government program
HD2940 For legislation to limit the prescription of controlled substances to an amount necessary for seventy-two hours of medically legitimate treatment
HD2943 For legislation to further regulate expenditures for mortgages from the Community Preservation Trust Fund
HD3022 For legislation to limit fees charged by cashers of checks, drafts or money orders
HD3030 An Act to promote educational opportunity for English language learners and students with special needs
HD3070 Relative to the penalty for the transmission of indecent visual depictions by persons less than eighteen years
HD3073 Relative to the installation of live digital video school bus violation detection monitoring systems
HD3122 Providing for an investigation and study relative to the feasibility of improving state agency information sharing capabilities to facilitate new business registration
HD3160 Relative to insurance payments for use of ambulance services
HD3215 Relative to enhancing consumer protection and transparency under the social work licensing law
HD3220 For legislation to institute programs to respond to sexual violence on higher education campuses
HD3240 Relative to firearm license fees
HD3241 Relative to electronic prescribing of opiates and other controlled substances
HD3260 An Act prohibiting the obstruction of state highways
HD3298 Relative to establishing a right to counsel in certain eviction cases
HD3316 For legislation relative to the asset forfeiture of child pornography
HD3397 For legislation to reduce plastic bag pollution
HD3414 For legislation to direct the Attorney General to provide for a study of the methodology used to promulgate new flood insurance rate maps through the National Flood Insurance Program
HD3416 An Act concerning nondiscrimination in access to organ transplantation
HD3439 Relative to the collective bargaining rights for employees of the Committee on Public Counsel Services
HD3463 For the establishment of a Massachusetts 2024 commission on the summer Olympic games

Rep. Josh Cutler is a Duxbury resident and South Shore native who represents the Sixth Plymouth District, comprised of Pembroke, Hanson and precincts 2-6 of Duxbury. He is serving his first term.

Rep. Cutler is a graduate of Skidmore College and earned a law degree working nights from Suffolk Law School. He is currently working toward a Master’s in Public Policy from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.

Previously Rep. Cutler worked as a Legislative Aide in the Mass. House of Representatives and then as an account executive for a high-tech public relations firm in Boston, working with clients such as Texas Instruments, Raytheon and Cisco Systems. For a dozen years Rep. Cutler served as editor and later publisher of the Duxbury Clipper, a family-run newspaper first established by his grandparent in 1950 .

Rep. Cutler served as an elected member of the Duxbury Planning Board and the Duxbury Democratic Town Committee. He is also a member of the Duxbury Alternative Energy Committee and co-chairs the Solar Energy Subcommittee. Prior to moving back to Duxbury, Rep Cutler served for three years as a Selectman in the Town of Hull.

An active volunteer, Rep. Cutler serves on the Board of Directors for the Duxbury Free Library, Inc., Hanson Kiwanis, the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society and the Pembroke Chamber of Commerce. He is a regular Meal on Wheels driver and a member of the Duxbury 375th Committee and the War Memorial Committee.

Personal Information

Profession: Small business owner
Spouse: Leslie
Children: 2
Pets: 3 labs
Interests: Photography, writing, coaching youth soccer

Education & Public Service

  • UMass-Dartmouth, M.P.P (in progress)
  • Suffolk Law School, J.D.
  • Skidmore College, B.A. political science
  • Belmont Hill School
  • Planning Board, Town of Duxbury
  • Alternative Energy Committee, Town of Duxbury
  • Pembroke Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors
  • Hanson Kiwanis, Board of Directors
  • Rep. Josh Cutler

  • Rep. Josh Cutler

  • Rep. Josh Cutler

Sixth Plymouth, consisting of Duxbury: Precincts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Hanson; Pembroke.