RoseLee Vincent Representative

D Revere
RoseLee Vincent


State House
Room 236
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2430
Bill Docket Bill Title
SD94 For legislation relative to the term "Gold Star" and for related purposes
HD102 Relative to the Massachusetts Military Family Relief Fund
HD109 Relative to authorizing family members to be compensated caretakers of traumatic brain injured veterans
HD122 For legislation to establish a veteran mentoring pilot program at certain higher educational institutions to assist veterans in adjusting to civilian life
SD289 For legislation relative to foster care children
SD332 For legislation relative to physical education in public schools
HD347 Relative to the posting of security for seized animals in cruelty cases
HD361 Relative to property tax exemptions for veterans
HD369 An Act establishing the genetic engineering transparency food and seed labeling act
HD387 Relative to transparency in private utility construction contracts
HD396 Relative to medical and physical fitness examinations for police officers and fire fighters
HD497 Relative to the care of animals in cities and towns
HD613 Relative to angel investor tax credits
HD678 Relative to the maximum number of patients assigned to a registered nurses or hospital care attendants
SD699 For legislation to promote equal choice a cost savings in health care
HD739 Relative to establishing a lottery process in selecting buyers and/or renters for low and moderate income housing units
HD751 For legislation to authorize the Commissioner of Insurance to set labor rates paid by insurance companies to auto repairers
HD780 Relative to providing smoking cessation programs for certain police officers and fire fighters
SD864 For legislation relative to the conveyance of certain parcels of land in the City of Revere.
SD999 For legislation to improve access to child and adolescent mental health services
HD1019 Relative to the establishment of community benefit districts in cities and towns
HD1097 Relative to providing continuing health insurance coverage for surviving children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty
HD1173 Relative to protecting consumers of gas and electricity from paying for leaked and unaccounted for gas
HD1188 That the Commissioner of Insurance be directed to make a bi-annual investigation relative to flood insurance rates
HD1432 Relative to double utility poles
HD1437 Relative to streamlining municipal finance
HD1441 Relative to payments in lieu of taxation by organizations exempt from the property tax
HD1450 Relative to the jurisdiction of the courts within the Housing Court Department
HD1505 Relative to gas leak repairs during road projects
HD1626 Relative to line-of-duty death and survivor benefits for police officers and fire fighters
HD1719 Relative to the excise imposed upon sales for capital investment to a small business
HD1785 Relative to small brewers of alcoholic beverages
HD1833 For legislation to prevent wage theft and promote employer accountability
SD1841 Relative to the emergency administration of certain overdose prevention drugs
HD1864 Strengthening the quality and efficiency of home health care services
HD1886 Relative to burial benefits of veterans
HD1890 For legislation to allocate tax credits for projects sponsored by nonprofits to provide permanent housing for formerly homeless veterans in service-based multifamily property and projects
HD1892 An Act relative to criminal record checks for referees
HD1967 Relative to increasing the base for the calculation of cost-of-living increases for retired public employees
HD2060 Relative to access to capital for business growth in economically distressed communities
HD2069 For legislation to authorize certain veterans to use facilities of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and regional transit authorities without cost to such veterans
HD2070 For legislation to establish a task force to identify and review state laws, regulations, and administrative directives that prescribe requirements for school districts
HD2116 Relative to health insurance for surviving spouses under the retirement law
HD2155 Relative to public health, substance abuse, treatment and opioids and accessible substance abuse treatment for all
HD2167 For legislation to fund youth courts
HD2207 Relative to social media password privacy for school students
HD2433 For legislation to further define standards of employee safety
HD2455 Relative to providing tax incentives for small scale commercial development for gateway cities
HD2477 Relative to protecting Department of Children and Families social workers’ home addresses
HD2483 That hospitals provide certain patients in inpatient or observation status oral and written notice of such placement
HD2701 For legislation to include offsite fabrication work for qualified projects under the prevailing wage laws of the Commonwealth
HD2725 Relative to the licensing of refrigeration technicians working on residential or light commercial refrigeration systems
HD2741 For legislation to provide emergency aid to certain elderly and disabled residents
HD2753 For legislation relative to the installation of approved smoke detectors in certain residential buildings and structures
HD2802 Relative to pay equity
HD2879 For legislation to establish a commission to study veterans transportation issues
HD2982 Relative to punishments for property crimes against elderly or disabled persons
HD3131 Providing for an investigation and study to identify existing structural or policy-based impediments to delivering a more comprehensive and efficient transportation system for the senior, disabled, and veteran populations
HD3241 Relative to electronic prescribing of opiates and other controlled substances
HD3268 Relative to the evaluation of the frequency and outcome of contacts between juveniles of various racial and ethnic categories and law enforcement and court personnel and other Commonwealth officials
HD3279 An Act relative to the veteran allowance for public retirees
HD3301 Relative to merging the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority police department into the department of state police
HD3405 For legislation to increase the annual stipend for members of the Commonwealth’s hazardous material response teams
HD3414 For legislation to direct the Attorney General to provide for a study of the methodology used to promulgate new flood insurance rate maps through the National Flood Insurance Program
HD3463 For the establishment of a Massachusetts 2024 commission on the summer Olympic games
Sixteenth Suffolk, Consisting of Chelsea: Ward 3: Precincts 2, 4, Ward 4: Precincts 2, 3; Revere: Ward 1: Precinct 3, Ward 3: Precinct 1, Ward 4, Ward 5: Precincts 1, 2, Ward 6; Saugus: Precincts 3, 10 (Essex Co.)